Shining a light Asia's best coffees

We are Akid and Arjun the co-founders of Nomad Bean Coffee. We were both born in Asia. Arjun from India and Akid from Malaysia. Growing up, the sharing of our culture through food and drink were huge parts of our lives, especially as third culture kids.

As we grew up we realised the coffee we love and can access in our cultural families were much harder to obtain in the UK.

So, we are now excited to not only share our love of Asian-origin coffee with you, but also the hospitality and coffee drinking traditions you would find across Asia to add a bit of variety and adventure into your coffee rituals.

All this whilst ensuring we improve and uphold on our sustainable and ethical promises. To give positively to the communities who are supporting us on this journey.

We're looking forward to you sharing the adventure with us.

Much love,

Akid & Arjun

The Old Kid on The Block

We aim to make high-quality Asian origin coffees accessible to everyone starting with our flagship Vietnamese Coffee product.

Vietnamese coffee is the second largest exported coffee in the world, yet hardly anyone knows thats where their coffee might come from.

So we're here to stand-up for the little fells and give the credit where its due.

Concious about coffee

Each cup of Nomad Bean Coffee is supporting our mission to make the traditional Asian coffee drinking experience ethical, sustainable and accessible.

We have active relationships with the farming cooperatives that we source our coffee from, we invest in education for sustainable coffee farming practices and support our female farmers to ensure they are supported in their goals.

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Our Mission

The Asian-owned and led team at Nomad Bean Coffee are on a mission to elevate and celebrate the heritage of asian-orgin coffee in an ethical and sustainable way.

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